EBSA Cue Zone Day 3 goes Russian / Romanian

EBSA Cue Zone Day 3 goes Russian / Romanian

Day three of the EBSA Coaching Zone with EBSA head Coach PJ Nolan and Corné Kuijpers was held this morning in the Caro Hotel here in Romania involved players from Russia and Romania. Each morning from 8.45am-9.30am during the 2014 EBSA U-21 EBSA Cue Zone Day 3 goes Russian / Romanianand Team Snooker Championships in Romania.

PJ and his team of EBSA Coaches will conduct free sessions for all the players to learn the skills of the game from qualified EBSA coaches.

The Cue Zones have been organised by The European Billiards & Snooker Association to highlight the EBSA Coaching Academy.

At present EBSA have 25 Qualified coaches from Ireland, France, Romania, Israel, Bulgaria, Wales, Malta, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain on the coaching team.

This morning the PJ and Corné worked  with Ildar Sharipov, Ivan Kakovsky, Nikolay Krivda,  Mikhail Terekhov from Russia and Maxim Ene from Romania on improving their Shot Approach, Cue Ball Control and Safety Tactics to win frames.

If you would like to become a EBSA Official Snooker Coach, first step is to get your National Governing body to write to the EBSA to nominate you to apply to hold a course.  For more information on the coaching Click on ” Coaching ” on web site or email PJ on