England doubles chances at U18 quarterfinals

Quarterfinals matches of the U18 EBSA 2022 European Snooker Championship are on the run this Wednesday night at Shengjin’s Delfin Resort with two players from England increasing the chances for the Three Lions colours among last eight survivors at the competition.

Bulgaria’s Velian Dimirov faces Liam Davies in the U18 quarterfinals on the run at Shengjun

England’s Liam Pullen is facing Ireland’s Leone Crowley while his fellow countryman Paul Deaville [cover picture] battles with the 2021 european U18 champion, Belgium’s Ben Mertens.

Liam Davies already signed two centuries at Albania’s event

On the other two matches, Bulgaria’s Velian Dimitrov faces Welshman Liam Davies and Ukraine’s Anton Kazakov and Scotland’s Liam Graham try to get a place in Thursday semifinals of the U18 event.

Finland’s referee Tryggvi Erlingsson explains the secret: it’s all about the cue ball

The last matches of this Wednesday U21 event round-robin session are also on the run at the 19 tables in Shengjin.

2021 runner-up at the U18 and U21 events, Belgium’s Julien Leclercq is aiming for another final in 2022