Hungarian EBSA Cue Zone with László Bekk

The Hungarian EBSA Coach László Bekk held an afternoon session at the EBSA Cue Zone at the Salgados Palace Hotel in the Algarve today, the 9th of March at the 2020 European U-18 Snooker Championships here in Portugal.

Attila Horváth and Bulcsú Révész asked him to help them with the centre pocket which they found really uncomfortable during the previous matches.

They really enjoyed this mini training. As they were very committed during the session they will definitely be more confident on their upcoming appearances.

And not at least they unboxed with László the brand new EBSA coaching balls. These coaching aids make presentations technique trainings a lot more easier.

László said, these balls will be useful equipment on the Hungarian grassroot events too, where they meet more than 500 children per day.

László also checked the newly developed and announced Str8aim aid which he found very impressive, well-made coaching tool. He is looking forward to have one.