Magnificent 14 invictus after two matches

Magnificent 14 invictus after two matches

After the first round of matches in group fhase of this U21 Euro Championships, nine youngsters shine a little more than all the others: the ones who have won their two matches so far, positioning themselves in pole position to go next stage.

Irish Josh Boileau and german Felix Frede confirmed the large odds on them in Group A, like the Swedish Benjamin McCabe in Group B. The isreali Shachar Ruber did the same in Group C while Jordan Winbourne successfully defended England’s honor and pride in Group F.

Scottish Rhys Clark has been having a walk on the park on Group H, the most unbalanced so far in the event: two other underdogs, lithuanian Vilnius Schulte and romanian Mario Anza also won their two matches.

In Group J, polish Adam Stepanow and austrian’s Florian Nuessle achieved also the two wins degree, like Darryl Hill (Isle of Man) and Belgian Jeff Jacobs in Group K. Scottish Lee Mein (Group L) and welsh Tom Rees (Group K) joined the most likely next phase qualifiers so far.