Shengjin’s scent

Players, referees, officials and staff from all over Europe keep becoming dazzled every sunset when they arrive to Shengjin’s Delfin Resort, home of the 2022 EBSA European Snooker Championships.

Hungarian players supporting: Erik Nagy and Emese Váradi along with her daughter, Linda

Every sunset it’s a show that repeats itself and deserves a most-welcome break of the competition just to appreciate the beautiful sky and the nature.

Velian Dimitrov, Hristo Ivanov and the bulgarians supporting at the venue: always in a good mood

At the venue of the competition, the number of fans is increasing daily as the event will have a third 2022 european champion to be crowned this Sunday.

Sunset it’s like the snooker: a daily show that makes you stop and get smashed by the beuty of nature

After Welshman Liam Davies victory at the U18 event and Latvia’s Artemis Zizins in the U16 tournament, Shengjin and Albania will reveal the new U21 european champion this Sunday night.

Aidan Murphy, Brad Ferguson and Paul Deaville enjoying the sunset

Just the 3rd of nine champions until June 19th: besides the Men’s event, the Ladies, Seniors, Men’s Teams, Ladies Teams and Seniors Team event’s still bring a lot of fans to attend the matches at the venue.