Welcome to the EBSA Referees pages

These pages have been designed to provide valuable information and support to anyone who is considering training to become a referee as well as providing continuing guidance and support materials for more experienced referees as well as materials for examiners and tutors.
As with every sport, the main role of a referee is to provide a fair and equal opportunity for 
competitors by fairly, impartially and consistently applying the rules of the sport.  If you know the rules of the sport, you get a greater advantage, and referees commit themselves to studying to fully understand the rules to be able to apply them fairly.
Opportunities always exist to become involved in refereeing, from local grassroots through to national and European Senior Championships.  EBSA are proud to be able to offer referees from across Europe the same opportunity to develop their refereeing skills, knowledge and experience and to officiate at the very highest levels of championships.  
The EBSA Referees and Rule Sub-Committee, actively support the EBSA Board of Directors by volunteering their time, skills and expertise to help promote, develop and oversee all aspects of refereeing and referees training and development.  The key officers and members of the Referees and Rules Sub-Committee are:
Referees Coordinator: Simon Smith (EBSA General Secretary)
Membership Officer: Steve Starkie 
Rules & Governance Officer: Derek Budde
Finance Officer: Eugene O’Connor
Members: Franz Meszaros, Dan Lewis, Neil Shanahan, Daniel Bontinck, Ger Murray, Maxime Cassis
Most countries have their own National Referees Association as part of the Governing Body for the sport.  However, some countries are still developing their Referees Association and EBSA can provide help and support in developing their Referees Association, as well as training and examining referees.  
Click here if you are interested in becoming a referee and attending a training seminar.  If you are a National Governing Body who is interested in organising a training seminar and examinations for potential and new referees, please click here.  
By exploring the following pages you will find a wide range of information to understand more about becoming a referee, the rules of the sport, the etiquette of officiating, information on the referees currently registered across Europe along with a wealth of materials to download.
I hope you enjoy these pages.
Simon Smith
EBSA General Secretary
April 2014